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Get recognised for your coffee course participation

We are very excited to announce a new certificate program for ANU participants in the coffee courses. Take a look at this short video to learn more.

The new Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education Certificate is offered by ANU Online, and can be completed at any time, fully online. To receive your certificate, you will need to complete a total of 10 coffee courses across a range of set topic areas and write a short reflective piece.

This certificate course is open to all members of ANU staff, including academics, professional staff, tutors, demonstrators, librarians, HDR students, and others. Unfortunately, this course is not open to participants from outside the ANU at this time. It is ideal for anyone who has already participated in several coffee courses and is looking for more comprehensive recognition of their engagement with professional development in this area.

How it works

A young woman in a headscarf discusses with a colleague over coffee.There are 10 modules across a range of topics, each with several coffee courses to choose from. Participants must complete a minimum of 1 coffee or espresso course from each module and submit a short reflection to receive their certificate. You can complete the courses in any order, at any time.

More information

How do I start?

We are currently conducting a pilot program with a limited number of participants. Future offerings of the certificate course will begin in mid-2018. Email your interest to us at and we will let you know when the certificate program is officially launched.


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