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Coffee course year in review

Another wonderful year of coffee courses has now wrapped up! Here are a few of the highlights from 2018, and a sneak peek at what we will be offering next year.

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This year hit some new records for the blog, including our most popular courses ever and we reached new heights with subscribers and hits! Overall, in 2018 we saw:

  • 10 new courses (bringing the total to 22)
  • 48 blog posts (131 in total)
  • 1,021 comments (2,618 in total)
  • 33,952 site visitors
  • 735 total subscribers


  • Most popular post of the year, with a new record for comments and hits, was Day 1 of Fostering student wellbeing, with 83 comments and 912 hits.
  • Pilot of the TEL Certificate, which gave recognition to those who completed 10 courses, with the first “graduates” in September.
  • Reaching the 2,000 comment – and blasting past it!

Thanks to our team and collaborators

The coffee courses are the result of hard work from our great collaborators and team. I’d like to thank all the 2018 guest collaborators: Alex Culloden (ANU Student Wellbeing), Glen O’Grady and Fred Chew (ANU CHELT and CASS), Dr. Olga Kozar and Geraldine Timmins (Macquarie University), and Dr. Patrick Tran (UNSW Canberra). Your contributions have been invaluable to creating such a vibrant community here.

As always, thanks to the ANU Online Educational Design team members who are fundamental to writing and delivering these courses: Karlene Dickens, Jill Lyall, Janene Harman, Rebecca Ng, and Thao Tran, and also Amanda Tutalo and Vinuri Wijedasa for their support.

New courses coming in 2019

We are looking forward to offering a new range of courses that will be particularly valuable in light of the exciting projects starting up at ANU in 2019, including the launch of the new Kambri teaching and learning building and the interactive learning project. Some of the topics we are planning include:

  • Learning spaces
  • Authentic assessment
  • Creating interactive content
  • Facilitating effective discussions
  • Learning analytics
  • Formative assessment
  • Indigenous pedagogies
  • Social media for teaching
  • Critical digital pedagogy

Cast of Parks and Recreation cheers

Thanks to you!

Thanks again to all of you in our audience for your enthusiasm and support – here’s to another year of great discussions!

10 thoughts on “Coffee course year in review

  1. Congratulations! From my perspective the Coffee Courses have hit upon a sweet spot in terms of content and workload. Looking forward to the courses next year.

  2. Well done, it has been a fun year.

    I can’t wait to find out what “Critical digital pedagogy” is. The only definition I could find was: “… refuses to be sold a world cleansed of the necessarily uncomfortable interactions that define the messy sphere of ethics and transformative education” (Boler, 2002).


    Boler, M. (2002). The new digital Cartesianism: Bodies and spaces in online education. Philosophy of Education Archive, 331-340.

    ps: I am viewing this with images turned off and am somewhat confused by the alternate text which says “Cast of Parks and Recreation cheers”. 😉

  3. Thanks Katie and team of collaborators. I did one with Patrick and it was excellent. Keep up the great work. I will be keen to do more this year. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ben and Patrick! Our first course will be out in early Feb so stay tuned! We are headed off to a “writing retreat” shortly to work on all the courses!

      1. Great. Have a lovely time. I am a real H5P(interactive content dev tool) fan so I would be happy to contribute on their offerings if needed.

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