Apply for your certificate

Certificate submission process: complete modules, write reflection, apply for certificate

Once you have completed all the required modules, you will need to write and submit a reflective piece to receive your certificate. This reflective writing is intended for you to draw connections through what you have learned from the modules, how it has impacted your thinking around technology in teaching, and what effects this thinking has had on how you approach your practice.

ANU offers an internationally-accredited recognition program based on reflective writing, called the ANU Educational Fellowship Scheme (EFS). The EFS framework invites you to reflect on your teaching in relation to three dimensions of practice which may help guide your writing. You can find more information on the EFS framework on their website.

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Requirements for the reflection

The reflection should be a minimum of 400 words in length, and not more than 600 words. Reference to relevant scholarly literature is welcome but not essential.

We invite you to consider some of the following things in your reflection:

  • Did you learn anything from the courses (from the content or your interactions with the other participants) that surprised or challenged you?
  • How would you evaluate the impact this new knowledge has had on how you approach your teaching?
  • What themes, connections, or trends did you notice in across the modules in relation to technology-enhanced learning?
  • What might the wider implications of technology-enhanced learning be in your discipline, at ANU, or in higher education more broadly?
  • What will you do in the future as a result of what you have learned from these modules?

How to submit

The reflection will be submitted to the ANU Online coffee courses team through Wattle, the ANU’s learning management system. You will need to select which coffee courses you completed for each module, and then enter the text from your reflection. We advise you to prepare your reflection in a Word document, which will then be uploaded into the submission box in Wattle. A link to access the Wattle site will be emailed directly to participants who have enrolled in the certificate course.

Resources to guide your writing

There are many excellent resources online with advice and suggestions on reflective writing.