Coffee Courses

A cup of coffee sits next to a computer.
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ANU Coffee Courses are an easy way to learn new ideas for using technology in your teaching. Each Coffee Course will cover a new topic in education technology, teaching online, digital tools, pedagogy, or trends in technology. It is equivalent to a one- or two-hour face-to-face training session, but is done at your own pace from your own desk.

Courses are offered regularly through the blog, and take place over one week. Each day while the course runs, a short activity or video will be posted to the blog for you to do. It should take about 15 – 20 minutes, just enough time to enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea, or whatever you prefer). For more information, please see this post about coffee courses. You can do any course at any time and all are welcome to participate.

If you would like recognition on your employment record for completing coffee course, you can register for the Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education Certificate session on (available for ANU staff only).

Ideas and feedback welcome

We are open to suggestions based on your interests or needs – please just share your ideas in a comment on a blog post or email


We are grateful to Sarah Thorneycroft from the University of New England for developing the concept of coffee courses. We hope we can do it justice!

List of courses

For a complete list of all the coffee courses, please see the Our Courses page. You are welcome to do any course at any time! You can also receive recognition for completing 10 coffee courses with the TEL in Higher Education Certificate.