Community Guidelines

We look forward to discussions and exploring with you as part of a free exchange of ideas in the courses delivered through this site. All participants are encouraged to share their ideas as comments on the blog posts. Here are a few quick guidelines about our approach to moderation in this blog.

Share your experiences and thoughts

Everyone’s teaching experience and background is different. We want to hear yours! Please feel free to share your ideas, suggestions, links to relevant resources or examples, and more. The course is open to participants from the Australian National University and beyond, and  participants from diverse roles including academics, librarians, tutors, demonstrators, clinicians, educational designers and technologists, and more.  We’d love to hear how things are being done in your institution, discipline, or course.

Help each other

Brightly coloured bottles sit in a line.

The facilitators will be participating in the course each week, but we know that learning from peers and colleagues is valuable and we are not always first to see a comment or question. We encourage you to assist others, answer questions, and support others if you can. You can also let the facilitators know of any comments which might not meet the community guidelines.

Respectful critique is welcome

We invite you to share your alternate viewpoints or to disagree with us or other commenters, but remember that we are all colleagues and here to learn from each other. Any comments which veer away from polite conversation and into personal attacks are not welcome. This includes comments which include, but are not limited to, racism, sexism, personal attacks, bigotry of any kind, spam, self-promotion, or selling things.

All comments are moderated

The facilitators of these courses reserve the right to delete any comments that do not meet the collegial requirements of this course. If there are repeated comments from an individual that violate the community guidelines they will receive a warning and may be prevented from participating further.