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The ANU Coffee Courses Blog is coordinated and managed by the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT) Staff Education Team, in partnership with the Education Design Team.

The Staff Education Team offers a range of programs and workshops to support learning and teaching at ANU. If you are looking for innovative ways to teach and engage students, jump onto the Staff Education Website for more information and to register for upcoming events. 

This Blog

We hope this blog can become a site for educators, education technologists, and academic developers to discuss and learn about the role of technology in higher education. Every few months, the blog will host a new ‘Coffee Course’ about a different topic.

We are hosted by the Australian National University, but we welcome anyone interested to join the conversation and share experiences in the comments. 

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Meet the ANU Coffee Courses Team

Jen Xiang
Staff Ed Team Leader

Janene Harman
Senior Ed Designer

Yili Peng 
Ed Support Officer

Karlene Dickens
Ed Designer

Former Team

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