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Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)

This blog and the Coffee Courses are coordinated and produced by the ANU Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT). The CLT is a central services team in the ANU that  provides expert advice and support in delivering innovative learning and teaching through collaborative partnerships across the University. The Centre includes Continuing Education, Education Communities and Environments and Education Design teams. You can learn more about our team, and how to contact us, on our web page.

The Centre for Learning and Teaching also produces Interact, a Blog showcasing interactive learning in all its guises at ANU, celebrating innovative and distinctive educational approaches and recognising excellent educators.

The Blog

We hope this blog can become a site for educators, education technologists, and academic developers to discuss and learn about the role of technology in higher education. Each month, the blog will host a new “Coffee Course” about a different topic. To participate, simply enter your email in the “Subscribe for Updates” block on the right-hand side of the page, and you can participate in each course. We are hosted by the Australian National University, but we welcome anyone interested to join the conversation and share experiences in the comments. Learn more about how coffee courses work.

All content on this blog is made available under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. You are welcome to share and adapt the content here with attribution to the original authors. All images and videos retain their original licences.

The Coffee Courses Team

The courses require a lot of effort to produce each month, and are the result of a fantastic team working together. Let’s meet them!


Photo of Katie FreundKatie Freund
Senior Learning Designer, ANU Online

Katie advises academics on eLearning design and initiatives, researches innovative solutions in education technology, creates digital media resources, and trains staff on Wattle (Moodle) learning management system and other digital tools for teaching and learning.



Photo of Janene HarmanJanene Harman
Senior Learning Designer, ANU Online

Contact Janene.

Janene has a background as an Outreach Librarian and a Flexible Learning Developer at UNSW Canberra. In her current role, she leads MOOC development, trains lecturers in using Moodle and creates Articulate Storylines for various projects. Janene has a background in visual arts, working as a practising and exhibiting artist.


The Team

Karlene Dickens
Learning Technologist, ANU Online

Contact Karlene.

Karlene is an experienced trainer and has facilitated scores of workshops and presentations to a range of diverse audiences, including corporate, community, and university environments. Prior to ANU Online, Karlene worked as the Centre for Mental Health Research at ANU, supporting mental health clinicians to use online mental health resources with their clients.


Jill Lyall
Learning Designer, ANU Online

Contact Jill.

Jill has a background in social sciences, community services, and adult education. Jill has worked for many years in Vocational Education and Training in a TAFE environment in Western Australia. Since early 2015, Jill has been working on a range of projects with ANU Online, helping to create online materials for post-graduate courses and creating support and training resources in technology enhanced learning for academics at ANU.


Former Team Members

Rebecca Ng
Learning Technologist, ANU Online

She previously studied and worked/researched at the University of Melbourne, majoring in inclusive education and media studies. She describes herself as a “partial cyborg” as she believes that technology has changed the way we think and approach our daily lives. She is therefore interested in researching new pedagogical approaches that can effectively integrate different technologies to support education.


Mandy Tutalo
Education Support Officer, ANU Online

Mandy joined ANU in 2017 and moved to ANU Online in 2018 as Education Support Officer. Having spent ten years as a classroom teacher, she is passionate about education, teaching and learning. Mandy also has a background in performing arts as a teacher, choreographer and performer in Contemporary Dance.



Photo of Thao Tran

Thao Tran
Learning Technologist, ANU Online

Thao has more than 7 years experience working in teaching and learning support in higher education, designing and developing online courses. Thao designed and maintains the Coffee Courses blog system with a focus on quality experience for the participants.