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New spaces are being built across university campuses in Australia that are designed to facilitate flexible, innovative, and student-centred learning. ANU itself has embarked on an ambitious building project, with the new Kambri Precinct promoted to “facilitate new modes of delivery” and “transform the University’s approach to teaching”. But how are these spaces different, and what kinds of teaching and learning are possible in these new buildings?

This course will explore the changing role of learning spaces in higher education, and investigate the affordances of different spaces and environments. It will discuss what types of learning are facilitated through these new spaces, and how educators can create activities suitable for active and collaborative learning. We will also explore how physical and online learning environments connect, and how technology can be used to support active learning.

We invite you to connect with colleagues and share your experiences and ideas for teaching and learning in new spaces, and join a tour of the Kambri learning spaces.

Course Dates

This course ran from Monday, 18 February to Friday, 22 February 2019 through this blog but is accessible online to anyone interested. There are 5 blog posts, and each will each take about 15-20 minutes to work through.



Meredith Hinze is Manager of eLearning/eTeaching in the Faculty of Arts, at the University of Melbourne, working in a small team that supports teaching staff integrate technology in teaching and learning. Supporting an active learning strategy and blended learning methodology, she takes a disciplinary specific approach to focusing on digital media and technology solutions to support innovative teaching and learning practices in the humanities and social sciences.  Meredith has a strong background in teaching digital media at both undergraduate and graduate level, in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Melbourne. She also has over 20 years experience in providing education technology support and professional development training for academic staff, and over 15 years experience in IT & Web management. She has special interests in learning design and in the application of social media and digital communications in teaching and learning.

The design of the Arts West building teaching spaces, at the University of Melbourne (opened July 2016), reflects the shift in the humanities and social science disciplines to create an environment conducive to supporting active learning.

Rebecca Ng is a Learning Technologist with the ANU Online team. She describes herself as a “partial cyborg” as she believes that technology has changed the way she thinks and approaches her daily life. More importantly, it has changed the way we perceive and learn. Hence, she is interested in researching new pedagogical approaches that can effectively integrate different technologies to support higher education.


Dr. Katie Freund is a Senior Learning Designer in ANU Online. Katie advises academics on eLearning design and initiatives, researches innovative solutions in education technology, creates digital media resources, and trains staff on Wattle (Moodle) learning management system and other digital tools for teaching and learning. She is also a researcher in education technology and digital communication.


Jen Xiang is a Learning Developer at ANU Online. She has spent most of her childhood resenting school and most of her adult life studying at university. Although seemingly paradoxical, this makes perfect sense because Jen has experienced first-hand the difference that dedicated teachers can make. She is passionate about helping educators use an evidence-based approach in developing effective teaching strategies and evaluating the efficacies of the educational tools.


Technology-Enhanced Learning in Higher Education Certificate

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