The Science of Learning

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What do we know about how students learn? How does this inform the ways in which we educate students in the 21st Century? The science of learning brings together research from cognitive psychology, education and neuroscience to aid our understanding and application of effective teaching and learning strategies. In this […]

News and Updates

Coffee Courses in 2020 

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  Coffee Courses paused 2020 has been an extraordinarily challenging year to date. With COVID-19, international travel restrictions and physical distancing measures impacting our University, the priorities in our team have shifted towards designing courses for remote delivery and facilitating training sessions to support our educators. As a result, we […]

Assessment and Feedback

Day 5: Issues and challenges

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What messages do assessments give students? “Every act of assessment gives a message to students about what they should be learning and how they should go about it.” (Boud, 1995, p. 2) This statement from David Boud in one of his early  papers critiquing traditional assessments reveals the main challenges […]