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Video in Teaching & Learning (Part 2): Creating videos

Part 2: Creating your own videos

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If you are interested in creating videos for your own teaching, this course will help! We will explore the practical and hands-on aspects of making different types of videos in this course, including how to storyboard, tips and tricks for production, and how to record yourself. It will also look at the different ways you can share and license your videos, so you can decide who can access and use them. Finally, this course will share strategies on how to integrate the videos you create into your teaching practice so that they are a valuable learning tool for students.

This course is Part 2 of a series on Video, with Part 1 investigating why and how video can be used for university teaching and learning. In Part 1, we discuss what makes an effective educational video and explore types of video formats for different disciplines. You are welcome to particupate in either or both of the courses.

Course Dates

This course ran from Monday, 4 September to Friday, 8 September 2017, but is accessible online to anyone interested. There are 5 blog posts that will take about 10-15 minutes to work through – just click through each link below.



Sherry Lo – Learning Management Technology Specialist
Jill Lyall – Learning Designer
Karlene Dickens – Learning Technologist
Janene Harman – Learning Designer
Katie Freund – Senior Learning Designer
Rebecca Ng – Learning Technologist

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