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Next course! Why use video in teaching?

This course is the first in a series on how to incorporate video into your teaching practice. It’s a nice complement to previous courses on flipping the classroom, enhancing lectures, and engaging students!

Video in Teaching and Learning: Why video?

 With the increasing availability of broadband interest, mobile devices, cameras, and editing software, video has become an increasingly common way to communicate and share ideas.

Two students look at an iPad.

This course will explore the impact of video on higher education in Australia, and look at how and why video might be used in your university teaching practice. It will discuss the affordances of video, and investigate what factors make videos effective for student learning. We’ll look at a variety of examples of educational videos, and think about what types of videos can be used in different disciplines.

This course is Part 1 of a series on Video, with Part 2 exploring the practical aspects of creating your own videos, including what types of software, how to film yourself, and how to successfully integrate the videos you create into your teaching.

Course Dates

This course was run from Monday, 7 August to Friday, 11 August 2017, but is accessible online to anyone interested. There are 6 blog posts that will take about 10-15 minutes to work through.


  • Day 1: Why use video?
  • Day 2: What makes a good educational video?
  • Day 3: Adapting lectures into video
  • Day 4: Screen and tablet recording
  • Day 5: Exploring types of videos


Photo of Katie FreundKatie Freund
Katie advises academics on eLearning design and initiatives, researches innovative solutions in education technology, creates digital media resources, and trains staff on Wattle (Moodle) learning management system and other digital tools for teaching and learning. She is also a researcher in education technology and digital communication.


Photo of Crystal McLaughlin

Crystal McLaughlin
Crystal McLaughlin joined ANU Online in early 2015. Crystal has been working in educational technology for over 6 years in the higher education sector. Crystal’s focus in ANU Online includes Coordination of edX programs, and assistance with Training & Support.


Photo of Jill Lyall

Jill Lyall
Jill has worked for many years in Vocational Education and Training in a TAFE environment in Western Australia, including four years at Kimberley Training Institute, in Broome, Western Australia, as e-Learning Coordinator.  Jill joined the ANU Online team two years ago, working in educational design and training.



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