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Group and collaborative learning

A group of students work together in a cafe.Evidence for effectiveness of collaborative learning is growing, and employers continue to call for graduates with better collaboration skills. While groupĀ activitiesĀ can provide potent learning opportunities, many studentsĀ have both low expectations and underwhelming experiences of academic teamwork.Ā This course will examine a variety of group scenarios, including approaches to group formation and group assessment and offer strategies to create more positive group and collaborative learning experiences.Ā 

Course Dates

This course ran from Wednesday, 28 February to Friday, 2 March, 2018 through this blog but is accessible online to anyone interested. There are 3 blog posts that will take about 10-15 minutes to work through.



Russell Waldron has worked in ANU Online since 2015 as a Senior Learning Designer. During this time Russell has worked on a variety of design projects in Business and Sciences, particularly on postgraduate online programs, staff training, and MOOC development. Russell has a Masters in Education and an undergraduate degree in Engineering.



Karlene Dickens is a Learning Technologist within the ANU Online Team. Karlene is an experienced trainer and has facilitated scores of workshops and presentations to national audiences as well as run multiple webinars to participants across diverse settings including corporate, community and university environments.

All are welcome

We welcome all staff, including tutors, demonstrators, professional staff, and academics at the Australian National University and beyond to join us for this course.

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