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Learning Analytics Explained

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The increasing use of technology for teaching and learning has led to a significant amount of data being collected on how learning occurs in today’s world. To capitalize on this rich data, Learning Analytics (LA) has emerged in recent years as an important field that enables the measurement, collection, analysis […]

Digital Content

Teaching with Twitter

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Twitter is an social media platform which allows its users to write short posts known as tweets, amass followers, follow relevant accounts, ‘like’ content, and follow and contribute to discussions using hashtags.  The open nature of Twitter as a platform affords many opportunities for teaching and learning. Twitter can provide […]


Developing Communities of Practice

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When a group of people with a shared interest or concern come together to share and learn, this is commonly known as a “community of practice”. Developing communities of practice with colleagues and peers within and beyond your discipline and institution is highly beneficial in both face to face and virtual spaces. […]

Assessment and Feedback

Quiz Design

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We all know quizzes provide an efficient way to assess students but how can we get the most out of them?  How can we design them to give us valuable insight into students’ progress while enhancing their understanding?  We’ll delve into the science of learning associated with quizzes, take a tour of […]