Day 3: Bringing discussions online

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Part of the goal of the coffee course blog is to build a social learning community (see below for more information). For this first (fun!) activity, take a photo of an object which represents an effective online discussion, post it here and tell us why you’ve chosen the object in […]

Introduction to TEL

Day 2: Reading the room

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What do spaces tell us about the relationship between teaching and learning? In Day 1, we briefly discussed the theoretical underpinnings of learning spaces. The importance of space and its configuration to learning is like headphones/speakers to the enjoyment of music – not forgetting that this is spatially situated as […]

Digital Content

Day 2: From chaos to order

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Good morning! We had some wonderful discussions on yesterday’s post. One observation we made from your comments is that there is a focus on the broader aspect of course and interaction design. What’s interesting is that visual design (i.e. web design, layout, use of colours) of course sites are often […]